System Design Services

We offer our prospective clients to make use of our experience in designing a complete security
infrastructure solution.
We install and implement our solution, as well as install and provide suggestions on prescribed solutions.
Both are done to the highest quality and standards.

Project Management

We have dedicated and specialized teams to ensure that your project is managed in an effective and professional manner, ensuring quality & timeously completed projects.

System Integration

Let us help you integrate all of your security infrastructure into one centralized system to optimize your management and maintenance resources.

SLA Contracts

We offer maintenance and SLA contracts to suit your individual needs.


  • Platimun
  • Gold
  • Technical

Rental Contracts

– No capital expenditure is required.
– The monthly cost is an operating expense to your business.
– Operational expenses are fully tax deductible.
– No financial exposure is incurred by having to make progress payments.
– The first installment only becomes payable once the solution has been implemented.
– A fixed budget can be maintained with minimal escalation during the contract period.

24/7 Technical Support

FANG have a 24 hours Technical Support Centre with preference to contacted customers.

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