Why Appoint Fang

Fang is in the unique position to supply and install the required services. As Fang evolved from a construction background, we have in house personnel that are specialized in the civil / construction side to install the required fencing and we have the professional electronic personnel to design and install Access, CCTV, Network systems as well as project management. Therefore, Fang provides a truly “Turnkey Solution” for security infrastructure implementation.
Fang have implemented and are maintaining numerous installations ranging from farms, lifestyle estates, commercial applications to key point protection. It has a track record of over 35 years of installing security infrastructure, and is constantly seeking the latest proven systems to be incorporated in our bouquet of services offered.
Our quality and methodology has been recognized to the extent that we are consulting/ installing to clients outside the South African borders.
Fang prides itself that we have a “can do” attitude towards design challenges, install then the solution and maintains it.

Our Mission

Fang is a supplier and installer of high quality physical and electronic perimeter security systems to the industrial, commercial, farming and estate markets. Through continuous training of competent personnel and ensuring that we remain at the forefront of new developments in the marketplace and providing a professional approach to customer care with the highest level of integrity to maintain our motto at all times. Consider the Reputation.

Our Vision

Our Vision is that Fang is recognised as, and will remain, the market leader in the supply, service and maintenance of physical and electronic perimeter security systems in South Africa.

Early Days

Fences & Guards was established in 1965 as a division of Premier Wire & Steel (Pty) Ltd to handle the manufacture, sales and installation of fencing and related products.
In December 1982 the company was officially registered as Fences & Guards (Pty) Ltd after a management buy-out by the present directors of the company.
During the early 80’s, the need for enhanced perimeter security measures was rapidly growing, and it was decided to differentiate between two technologies: that of conventional fencing and electronically enhanced security fencing.
“FANG” was born.  This acronym of Fences & Guards has grown from its basic humble beginning to a company that not only provides the highest quality perimeter security system hardware internationally, but one that has also developed the most advanced computerized, centralized security management system (Fang CSMS).
In 2010 Fang Fences & Guards (Pty) Ltd was registered and it was formulated that Fang will focus all its resources on turnkey security infrastructure design and implementation comprising electrified fencing & conventional fencing, CCTV, access control and communication networks that support the above. Thus the next chapter in our history was opened.

Services and Products

Fang has a mindset that we are a solutions orientated company. Once the solution is crafted then we select the appropriate product/system to implement the security infrastructure required.  Every possible future contract is individually analyzed.
We have in excess of 50 years experience in the field of electrified fencing, having developed the various types of non-lethal electrified fence as supplied by ourselves in such a manner so as to incorporate only the best quality materials, manufactured under strict supervision in our factory at Blackheath, thus ensuring a high quality product giving the longest possible trouble free lifespan.
Our electrified fence control systems incorporates on site monitoring, and our Fang CSMS allows for remote updating, servicing and of site fault finding and reporting capabilities.
We design and install CCTV systems, complete access control systems and supporting communication network and power reticulation.
CCTV is a well established yet still developing technology-in both the technical components and integration into systems with specific objectives. The most measurable effect of CCTV is not on crime prevention as such, but on detection and prosecution of alleged criminals. The success rate of prosecution is direct related to the availability and quality of the CCTV footage.
Access Control is the practice of restricting the entry of people to specific areas, and the control of what items they take into and out of the area.  In association with Access Control, Time & Attendance is deployed to ensure that workers are paid for work that they do.
All the above systems create a security infrastructure platform that enables an organization to have control of their assets; physical, human and intellectual, and thereby increase their effectiveness and profitability.

We design and install CCTV systems, complete access control systems and supporting communication network and power reticulation.

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