Alarm Systems

Intruder Alarm

An intruder alarm system is designed to detect intruder presence at your premises. When detected, a siren will activate and communicate an alarm signal to one of our highly sophisticated Monitoring centres, from where an appropriate response will be coordinated. Intruder systems can be either hard wired or wireless.

Perimeter Beams

Outside beams for perimeter detection is the first front any intruder needs to pass once your property was accessed. More focus needs to be placed on these type of detection sensors.

The outdoor beams is a point to point sensor in a straight line and consists of a receiver and transmitter side.

Fibre Vibration Detection Systems

Intelligent measurement is key for modern security implementations. Fibre vibration detection systems is based on fiber optic sensing technology. This can be utilized as a buried, fence, wall or roof installation. Fiber optic sensing cables do not contain any metal parts and therefore cannot be detected. This is a passive setup and immune to EMI/RFI.
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