Mission & Vision


Our Mission

Fang is a supplier and installer of high quality physical and electronic perimeter security systems to the industrial, commercial, farming and estate markets. Through continuous training of competent personnel and ensuring that we remain at the forefront of new developments in the marketplace and providing a professional approach to customer care with the highest level of integrity to maintain our motto at all times. Consider the Reputation.

industrial market application
Industrial Market
commercial market application
Commercial Market
estate market application
Estate Market
farming market application
Farming Market


Our Vision

Our Vision is that Fang is recognised as, and will remain, the market leader in the supply, service and maintenance of physical and electronic perimeter security systems in South Africa.

Values we live by


solutions orientated

Every possible future contract is individually analyzed. Once the solution is crafted then we select the appropriate product/system to implement the security infrastructure required.


Tailor made and site specific

Our system architects design all solutions to be tailor made and site specific, based on risk and client’s requirements.


true turnkey service, and all in-house, no sub-contractors

FANG™ has highly qualified staff in project management, and we always adhere to the strict protocols of health and safety, to ensure that all our projects are run in a professional and safe manner, with regular reports and detailed feedback to our clients.


ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

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