Perimeter Fencing

Fang manufacture and install non-electrified and electrified fencing for the commercial/industrial, lifestyle estates and farming community. Our designs have stood the test of time, and evolve with the ever increasing criminal thread. The fencing types range from cost effective systems to heavy duty perimeter barriers. A combination of fencing types can be used for a specific site, each effective for the terrain and perceived thread against it.

Access Control

Access control is the practice of restricting the entry of people to specific areas. This is done by implementing a physical barrier with an identifying device to grant access. Increasingly associated with Access Control, are Time & Attendance solutions that are intended to ensure that workers are paid for work that they do, and that the business operate more efficiently.

Close Circuit Television

Fang design and implement an array of CCTV systems, ranging from analog to internet protocol (IP) systems linked to various recoding and display options. We provide our prospective client with control room design and philosophy.

Security Communication Network

We have found that a large portion of system failures are linked to poor communication network design and installation. Therefore, Fang opted to install or design/install communication networks for systems to be installed by us.

Fang Integrated Systems

With the installation of Fang’s fully customized security fencing in conjunction with CCTV, access control and incident management systems, we provide you with the opportunity to live life the way you always wanted to…with peace of mind. Intertwining technology with professional service, Fang’s individual crafted solutions, allow you to manage and monitor the secure environment created, well, almost like child’s play. Without say, we offer maintenance packages to suit the needs of each site, and calls placed at our call centre are dealt with promptly. Yes, Fang is a truly turnkey security infrastructure provider. All work and services are provided by Fang’s professional and committed team.

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