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Due to the ever escalating levels of crime, and associated problems necessitate a perimeter security system that provides a high level of physical security, incorporating a modern display of alarm conditions and information gathered of an incident and the performance of the system. Integration with other security systems is also more and more in demand. The control system must also be user friendly at the lower levels of operation.

Historically and currently monitoring systems had;

Therefore Fang has developed over the last two decades our CSMS system to meet all the criteria of even the most stringent prospective user, flexible and powerful enough to be tailor made to each site’s individual requirements, whether a single site or multiple sites around the world.

The system makes use of telemetry, Wifi or fibre optic cable as communication medium between field stations and the centralized control station.

The control display can be the standard LED screen with keyboard or touch screen, both backed up with voice annunciation.

Remote connectivity to the system is also standard.

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