Internal Wire Partitioning

Fang have an internal wire partition system that is used by shopping chains, warehouse and manufacturing companies.


  • Clean & modern lines
  • Unique method of construction
  • Offers a quick & economical installation with sturdy & durable materials


  • Height: 2.5m (1 2500),  3.0m (1 3500), 3.5m (1 3500), 4.5m (1 4500), 5.0m (1 5000), 6.0m (1 6000m) or height to order purpose made.
  • Posts:  60 x 40mm rectangular steel tube, 2.0mm wall, drilled for rails. For heights over 5m without top fixing, posts to be 60 x 60mm. Spacing of posts not exceeding 3m.
  • Corner Posts: 60 x 60mm square tube (75mm square for over 5m high)
  • Rails:  32mm o.d. x 2.0mm round steel tube passed through holes in posts.  Spacing approximately 1m to 1.25m depending on height.  A 50mm gap below bottom rail for cleaning purposes.
  • Fixing: For concrete floors, base plate 180mm long x 40mm, double 10mm expansion bolted to floor, alternate compression fixing if under beam or slab.  Posts held longitudinally by cladding under tension. In asphalt floors posts to be set in concrete.
  • Cladding: 50mm x 2.50mm galvanized Diamond mesh (50 x 3.15 for bond stores) or welded mesh.
  • Gates: Single or double leaf swing or sliding to client’s requirements. Sliding gates with “Hillaldam series 200” gear. All necessary locking fittings incorporated.
  • Finish: All metal work except wire – 2 coats aluminium paint or hot dip galvanised.

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