Why Appoint Fang

Fang is in the unique position to supply and install the required services. As Fang evolved from a construction background, we have in house personnel that are specialized in the civil / construction side to install the required fencing and we have the professional electronic personnel to design and install Access, CCTV, Network systems as well as project management. Therefore, Fang provides a truly “Turnkey Solution” for security infrastructure implementation.
Fang have implemented and are maintaining numerous installations ranging from farms, lifestyle estates, commercial applications to key point protection. It has a track record of over 35 years of installing security infrastructure, and is constantly seeking the latest proven systems to be incorporated in our bouquet of services offered.
Our quality and methodology has been recognized to the extent that we are consulting/ installing to clients outside the South African borders.
Fang prides itself that we have a “can do” attitude towards design challenges, install then the solution and maintains it.

Our Mission

Fang is a supplier and installer of high quality physical and electronic perimeter security systems to the industrial, commercial, farming and estate markets. Through continuous training of competent personnel and ensuring that we remain at the forefront of new developments in the marketplace and providing a professional approach to customer care with the highest level of integrity to maintain our motto at all times. Consider the Reputation.

Our Vision

Our Vision is that Fang is recognised as, and will remain, the market leader in the supply, service and maintenance of physical and electronic perimeter security systems in South Africa.

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