Coca Cola and Fang

What does Coca Cola® and FANG® have in common?

Coca Cola® story: I am sure that everyone of us, at some point, downed an ice-cold refreshing can of Coca Cola on a hot summer’s day. We can all recall the images from our childhood with the water droplets caused by condensation running down the soft drink can. It spelled fun and summer in capital letters, and above all we knew before we event took a big gulp what the contents of the can would taste like.

Sadly, through time, someone thought it a good idea to try and copy the famous brand and recipes that resulted in a drink I call flat sugary water, no fizz, no taste other than sugar. As a result, we all know that if it is not in a can or bottle with the famous red and white Coca Cola® emblem on it, it’s exactly that, not the real deal.

The comparison: What the name Coca Cola® is to soft drinks, so the FANG® name is to the fencing and electronic security industry.

FANG® story: FANG®, a brand well established in the last 55 years in the Western Cape, from up the West coast, right through the Cape Town metropole, up to Port Elizabeth, and beyond to Durban and Gauteng, and even Mauritius, implementing the first perimeter security solution for a lifestyle estate on the Island. Our brand and name spells in capital letters, fencing and integrated electronic security systems, known for quality of design, installation, implementation, after sales service and maintenance.

The FANG® Combi Mesh-Fence is one of the many products that we designed and engineered to perfection over the years, paired with a Thermal CCTV virtual fence, and Offsite Event Video Monitoring (OSEVM) you cannot go wrong with a FANG® branded security system.

Through time, some thought it a good idea to try and copy our FANG®  standard and recipes for perimeter security on farms, industrial properties, and commercial buildings, however, it is just a sugary and watered-down version of our original master plan. At FANG® we are ever evolving, staying abreast of the newest and latest technology, to ensure our clients get the correct security system for their unique and  specific requirements.

The conclusion: If it does not say Coca Cola® it is not the original, if it does not say FANG®, it is not the original!

Johan .I. van Wyk
Sales and Marketing Director at FANG®,


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