Combi Mesh Fence

Fang Combi Mesh Fence

Our Combi-Mesh was derived from the necessity to have a demarcation fence with a full height electrified fence. This is required by law if the fence is erected next to roads or areas where the electrified fence will be easily accessible to pedestrians, or a more secure fence type is desired. This fence type is the real “work horse” of all the electrified fences. It can be installed in terrain where it is impossible to fit …..



This range of combi-mesh was designed for the residential and estate application as it offers an aesthetically pleasing fence that does not have a “in your face” look and offers a high level of security. 

The fence is also 2.4m high, but with 25 strands at 100mm spacing, and the mesh cladding is Betafence Pantenet (black) 2000x50x50x2.5m or Pantenet (green) 2000x50x100x2.0mm.  All posts are to be hot dip galvanized after manufacture and painted black or green respectively.




This is our entry fence is 2.4m high with 24 strands at 100mm spacing, 18 strands behind the mesh with 6 strands to the top of the fence.  The mesh height is 1.8m to comply with the minimum height regulation. Mesh cladding to be; galvanized or plastic coated chain link, Weldmesh, or Betafence Pantenet. Wire thickness of the mesh is 2.0mm, 2.5mm or 3.15mm.  All posts are to be hot dip galvanized after manufacture.



The Industrial specification is the same as the standard, with the exception that the fence is 3.0m high with 18 strands behind the mesh and 12 strands above. The wire thickness of the mesh is 2.5mm, 3.15mm or 4.0mm.



Corner/straining and end posts are manufactured of 100mm diameter mild steel tube, fitted with specially designed insulator holders, fire proof insulators and 50mm stays.

All posts and stays are hot dip galvanized in accordance with ISO 1461-1999 after manufacture and bedded in concrete footings size 600 x 600 x 600mm deep, at a maximum of 100m centres.

The 2.4m high fence comprises of 50mm tubular standards fitted with 24 Nº insulators rivet fixed at 100mm centres vertically.

Standards are planted in concrete footings size 300 x 300 x 500mm at approximately 3m centres.  The 2000 x 50 x 50 x  3.15mm core diameter galvanized weld mesh to be securely tied to four strands of 4mm diameter galvanized straining wires, with 2mm diameter galvanized tie wire, to the outside of the fence.

Eighteen Nº and Six Nº strands of 2.24mm Bezinal high strain wires to be fitted through the insulators on the inside of the posts, behind the mesh and on the outside of the posts, above the mesh respectively.

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