Fang Combi 358 Panel Fence

 Combi-358 Bezinal Commercial

This is an high security fence as the panel is constructed of high stenstile Bezinal wire mm xmm with a weld strength of . The small apature mm x mm, makes it very difficult to cut using wire or bolt cutters. All the posts are to be 75mm square. Panel size is 2.5m wide and 2.0m high. Electrification strands are 5 strands to the top. The manufactured posts are to be hot dip galvanized with the option to epoxy coat the posts and panels. The 358 Bezinal panels are guaranteed against rust and corrosion for 10 years excluding the epoxy coating. 


 Combi-358 Bezinal Key Point Specification

358 Bezinal, 358 Bezinal dupla or 358 Bezinal double skin panels are used with 100mm square or 75x75x5mm angle iron post. Panel size can be made to various sizes with the maximum size being 3.0m wide x 6.0m. Electrification strands are 5 strands to the top.

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