Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring System

PIMS Overview

The Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring System or “PIMS” integrates traditional technologies used for asset protection, such as cameras, with ground surveillance radar technology. The addition of radar not only provides the benefit of persistent surveillance of large areas, but also includes other attributes such as all-weather, day/night performance. The PIMS solution provides geo-referenced intruder position reporting and -tracking that allows for automatic alarming, queuing of PTZ cameras and activation of deterrents thus enhancing security personnel’s ability to respond.

PIMS integrates cameras, with ground surveillance radar technology

PIMS Solution Attributes

  • Application in perimeter or portal protection
  • Persistent monitoring of intruder movement
  • Reduction in required CCTV cameras compared to a non-PIMS solution
  • Ability to interface to legacy security systems, including legacy static-and/or Pan-Tilt-Zoom CCTV cameras
  • Scalable application through overlapped daisy-chaining of multiple sensors
PIMS Solution

PIMS Solution Configuration Diagram Example

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