FANG extends its security offering

FANG extends its security offering

There are numerous articles about the high level of crime in South Africa. Crime does not only pose a threat against our lives, but also affects our financial prosperity and to be able to work in a stable environment. Physical security starting at a padlock to a gate, escalating to integrated fencing and surveillance systems, is one facet in the fight against crime.

Cape Town-based Fang Fences and Guards, known to be on the forefront of the supply and installation of physical security, has recently expanded its service offering to accommodate the evolving needs of the commercial market caused by the increase of physical threats.

For more than 100 years, Fang has kept its place as market leader in security by adopting the newest technology.

 “For example, in the 1980s we were one of the first to specialize in electronic solutions to perimeter fencing. We saw the use of CCTV and access control, including the relevant network reticulation as a natural development to this. By incorporating this Fang became a true turnkey solution company in installing security infrastructure and is now a market leader in this field,” said managing director of Fang, John Swart.

Further, as Fang is not tied to specific products, they are able to offer more cost effective to high-end solutions, meeting clients’ specific requirements.

“At FANG we believe that a one-size-fits-all approach to security infrastructure is simply not possible. Each site has something that is unique. Attention to detail is important,” said marketing director at FANG, Fredo Scribante.

“We invest in our relationships with clients, who we view as partners; this includes keeping them up-to-date with new and emerging technology, so that their security systems can be continually upgraded to keep pace.”

In addition to numerous well-known wine farms, lifestyle estates, commercial and key point sites, FANG has recently spread its wings to the international market, with the first project in Mauritius.

“FANG’s motto is security with integrity because this is the one thing that no-one can quibble with. “We have a 100% track record – ask any of our clients – our systems work”, said Swart.

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